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Why book a day-sail trip on Cloud 9? 

Simply said "we are the best". Big beautiful boat for a small group of people, great captains and crew, awesome sailing and snorkeling...

While we have a basic itinerary, the day is custom tailored for our guest... you will be on Cloud 9!


Where do you pick up from? 

For all of our daytime trips, we pick up on the beach next to the ferry dock in Cruz Bay in front of the restaurant High Tide.
For our sunset trips we pick up at the National Park Dock at the west end of the Visitor Center building.
If you are mobility challenged you may request in advance a National Park Dock pick up for any of our trips.


What should I bring? 

Towels, Reef-safe sunscreen lotion (aerosol or spray sunscreen does not work well on a boat, save that for the beaches and bring your lotion or use ours), camera (underwater cameras are great to have also), and your passport for any BVI trip. Bring any personal items that you can not spend the day without.




Coral reefs are facing many threats. Laboratory tests confirm that chemicals found in most sunscreens, such as
oxybenzone, are contributing to coral decline. These chemicals affect coral growth and reproduction, and also harm fish, marine life and you.


Some mineral based ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are significantly more friendly than dangerous chemical ingredients like oxybenzone and octinoxate. Be sure to use “non-nano” mineral sunsecreens to avoid
nanoparticles, as these smaller particles can be toxic in high concentration.



Follow this guide to reduce your impact on coral reefs while protecting yourself from the sun.


If you’re going into the ocean, please be careful to avoid any products containing oxybenzone and the other ingredients
listed, even if you don’t plan on swimming or snorkeling. These ingredients will wash off in the shower, and are even absorbed into your skin and passed through your urine, so they could eventually end up in the ocean!


Water resistant sunscreens are better as less ingredients will wash of your body and face into the ocean - so if you are looking for sunscreen for swimming, snorkeling or diving, check the water resistance duration on label. Paraben Free sunscreen is better for the ocean and for sunscreen safety for your face and body.



Some sunscreens claiming to be “reef-friendly” or “reef-safe” actually aren’t, and some manufacturers sell reef-friendly and non-reef-friendly products, so always review the active ingredients to be sure!



Sunscreens really do work better if you apply them at least 20 - 30 minutes before getting in the water. Mineral based s
unscreens are designed to sit on the
surface of your skin, so you should see a white layer on your skin. 


We Suggest you use reef Safe Sunscreen while on St John. We do provide it on all our trips!


I see rain in the forecast... What do you do when it rains? 

We rarely have to cancel a trip due to rain. The forecast always says we have a chance of rain. This usually means it may or may not rain somewhere in the Virgin Islands for a few minutes. Mostly, this is rain is from passing showers which we can often sail around and point out: “look it is raining over there” or “look it’s a rainbow.”


What is your Cancellation Policy? 

If for any reason you need to cancel please call us at 340-998-1940 or 340-344-2989, 48 hours prior to reservation time to avoid a 50% cancellation charge to your credit card. If you do not call and do not show up there will be a 100% charge to your credit card. If you miss your flight or your plans change, please call to avoid any charges..


How do I know if I will get motion sickness? 

This is usually not a problem... we have a very stable boat and relatively calm seas. However, if you are prone to motion sickness in a car or have experienced motion sickness on boats in the past then you will should take preventative measures. Taking medication the night before your trip and again in the morning is all most people need. There are also acupressure wrist bands available or natural ginger tablets that some people find helpful. The easiest thing to do is keep your eyes on the horizon and watch all the pretty beaches and islands that we pass by.



What do you provide on the boat? 

We have snorkel gear on the boat (including float belts) for your use but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer. We have raincoats on the boat for the rare instance that we get rained on. We also do keep spare sunscreen that you are welcome to use. And, we sell T-shirts, hats, sunglasses, drink coozies and Fish ID cards. We serve sodas, water, beer and rum drinks. See each trip description for what we serve for food.


How many people do you take? 

When you are booking individually we take a maximum of  8 people on our 47' boat. For private groups/families we are licensed to take up to 12 people on our 47' boat.  


What days do you offer each trip? 

Our schedule is determined by whoever books first, you can book any trip on any day based on availability. We will book a trip with a minimum of two people and try to add more people. If you want a particular trip on a certain day it is best to book early. We accept advance reservations.


Do you offer custom trips? 

Yes, we can customize a trip to fit your group’s interest, based on the realms of a sailboat. All of our trips are flexible on timing based on our guests’ interest. Just ask is you are interested in something special and we will let you know if we can do it. Some places (like the Baths) are too far for a sailboat day trip. Some trips might be great one day but not the best conditions on another, we can advise you about all of that.


Do you offer private trips? 

Yes, all of our trips are available at a “boat” rate if you would like to have a private trip. Perfect for special occasions.

Private trips are great if you want the whole day to be about you and what you want to do.


Are you licensed and insured? 

Yes, Cloud 9 is a Coast Gaurd Approved Vessel. We have all of the required licensing, insurance, permits, safety training, safety equipement, first aid & CPR training and more. All of our captains hold a 100-ton master Captain’s License. All or our crew are STCW certified and many have additional training (PADI scuba instructor and Emergency First Response instructor).


Do you take credit cards?? 

Yes, while we love cash, we do accept Visa or Mastercard.


What about tipping? 

We are a service industry just like a restaurant. The captain and crew  recieve a "base pay" but rely on your tips to survive on our expensive island. If you had a good time, a customary tip would range from 15 to 20%. But feel free to tip as you see fit!.


Do you have an age limit? 

No, we will take anyone sailing - from infants on up. Our greatest age range on one trip was a couple aged 85 and 89 along with a younger couple and their 2 year old. Everyone had a fantastic time! And, even better, everyone snorkeled!.


Can you accommodate special request or occasions? 

We are very accommodating, just ask. Dietary restrictions or preferences, just let us know! Need a birthday cake? We can provide one. Want to try sailing the boat? We will let you give it a try. Our sails are great for proposals, anniversaries, celebrations, ash scatterings - you get the idea...


What about the weather? 

We can give you the weather forecast for today or five years from now... temperture is typically in the 80’s, winds about 15 knots out of the east, and a 30% chance of rain... This usually means it may or may not rain somewhere in the Virgin Islands for a few minutes. Mostly, this is rain is from passing showers which we can often sail around and point out: “look it is raining over there” or “look it’s a rainbow.”

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